“Innovation is communication. The things we do say so much more about us than the things we say.” Shaun McIlrath discloses that the root of all the judges’ questions were consistent: Is it a breakthrough? Will it endure? Can it change lives? Have a look at his standout ideas, which for the most part had to do with innovation in the service of people and communities. The Grand Prix went to  What3Words, a universal addressing system designed on a 3-by-3 meter global grid. Each of the 57 trillion squares has been pre-allocated a unique three-word address, which is then turned into precise coordinates by a geocoder. In a world where 75% of people suffer from complicated, inconsistent or non-existent addressing systems, this simple and memorable system can benefit not only business, but also communities in remote locations where access to w ater facilities or refugee camps are sometimes impossible to locate.