It’s a new breed of proximity marketing. Wi-Fi Aware will let devices automatically find and connect to each other in nearby locations by continually scanning its surroundings, opening the door for even greater contextual awareness messages.


Better than beacon technology? Wi-Fi Aware doesn’t require the retailer or service to install special equipment, like Bluetooth transmitters for instance. Instead, it uses a procedure that allows mobile devices in proximity to find one another using “publish” and “subscribe” messages, and then lets end users enable connection-based services and apps.


This technology could help retailers and brands discover a consumer’s location in the real-world and send personalised, timely, (and opted-in) content like coupons or ads. There is big potential for on-site or event advertising and social gaming. For instance, a social gamer could be alerted when someone playing a similar game walks into the room, prompting them to set up a face-to-face match. On top of creating social experiences, this technology could give brands the ability to deliver simple information to consumers based on their location to help make their lives easier.