Why Social Media is no Longer a ‘Dunk in the Dark’ – 5 Steps to Rewrite the Social Playbook

Social networks have evolved to become powerful media platforms with the ability for scale, reach and more sophisticated targeting. But with it has also come the even greater competition for consumers’ attention and participation. So how do you win in social?
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Social needs to be considered early on in the planning stages and integrated with the rest of the campaign strategy. If it’s only used as a standalone tactic at the end, we’re missing a big trick. Sophisticated targeting means its no longer high frequency, but rather fewer, bigger activations and campaigns that will drive better results for brands. Paid social will also help to reduce waste and put the right quality, campaign-based content in front of the right people, scaling the story you want to tell. If used effectively and measurement results are invested in and incorporated into the campaign, social can drive better engagement and higher ROI than other channels.
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Meerkat’s First Big Implementation to Participatory Media

Meerkat app which was recognized as “the” app at SXSW earlier this year, has implemented new features in line with its vision of participatory media. With rival Periscope on Twitter, Meerkat has teamed up with Facebook, and is therefore shifting away from a live ‘broadcast to’ towards a ‘broadcast with’ your friends. Its new cameo feature lets you invite those watching your stream to take control of it for up to 60 seconds. The streaming app is becoming more intimate and allowing you to take part in events, conversations and moments with people and brands that you’re probably more familiar with.

This feature creates a unique opportunity for brands to build stories together with their fans. As opposed to a passive behaviour of watching live streams, fans can now have collaborative experiences all on video on their phone. But again, like it’s parent social media sites, you need to understand and leverage the platform that is right for your campaign.