New Wi-Fi Aware Will Make Phones ‘Aware’ of Their Surroundings

It’s a new breed of proximity marketing. Wi-Fi Aware will let devices automatically find and connect to each other in nearby locations by continually scanning its surroundings, opening the door for even greater contextual awareness messages.


Better than beacon technology? Wi-Fi Aware doesn’t require the retailer or service to install special equipment, like Bluetooth transmitters for instance. Instead, it uses a procedure that allows mobile devices in proximity to find one another using “publish” and “subscribe” messages, and then lets end users enable connection-based services and apps.


This technology could help retailers and brands discover a consumer’s location in the real-world and send personalised, timely, (and opted-in) content like coupons or ads. There is big potential for on-site or event advertising and social gaming. For instance, a social gamer could be alerted when someone playing a similar game walks into the room, prompting them to set up a face-to-face match. On top of creating social experiences, this technology could give brands the ability to deliver simple information to consumers based on their location to help make their lives easier.

Six Eye Opening Stats About Social Commerce in China

Did you know that 388 cars were sold on Chinese social app WeChat in just three minutes? Experts say China is a whole 10 years ahead of the West when it comes to social commerce; the technology that powers it at this scale is unparalleled and there is a lot to learn from it. China is now the biggest smartphone (and probably e-commerce) market in the world and its users continue to rapidly adopt new behaviours. So rapidly in fact, that most national brands and research firms in China are hesitant about publishing consumer trend surveys, because by the time it comes out, it’s already out-dated!


Other parts of the world should be trying to study how technology is affecting Chinese consumer behaviour. Their mobile behaviours could help signal the type of apps and services for phones that Western marketers need to make available to keep consumers engaged.